Legislative Research

Advocacy to Reduce Costs and Prison Overcrowding

Fast Law Publishing supports legislation to address the State’s budget problems and to promote rational sentencing laws.  

The materials below are intended to educate citizens to support legislation for the release of elderly inmates.

Major points:

  • Washington State Prisons are overcrowded.
  • For the 2015-16 biennium, Governor Inslee has asked agencis to trim their budget by 15%.
  • Budget concerns continue, funds are needed for Education, Transportation, Mental Health, and state employee pay raises.

Release of Elderly Prisoners

The release of elderly prisoners is only one piece of a very complicated budget problem.  However, release of the elderly will not create a public safety issue.

With more than 1,700 men and women over the age of 55, the release of the elderly inmates will immediately free prison bed space and reduce costs of prison.

The proposed bill is not yet in the legislative committee, but it should be.  The information below supports rational thinking to solve in part the State’s pressing budget issues and prison overcrowding.  Please join Fast Law Publishing in support for the release of elderly inmates.

  • Senate Bill XSB 5866Seeks to reduce prison overcrowding and costs by advocating the early release of elderly prisoners based on certain criteria. View Document.
  • House Bill 2316Seeks to establish a citizen’s parole board to release prisoners who served 15 years or more.
    Parole 4 US and other community groups propose “creating a citizen’s review board” for those prisoners who have served 15 years or more. 2014 Bill in Current Committee. View Document.
  • Pew Study on the States — This non-profit organization provides an in depth study of our country’s aging prison population, the high cost to provide medical service, and the low risk elderly released prisoners present to the community. View Document.

$212 Million Savings

Support Letter

This Letter wast sent to all Washington State Senators and House of Representatives by F.A. Stephens author and writer in support of SSB 5866 of 2012. View Document.

Single Invoice

Check out a single invoice. Realize that this individual has had two prior surgeries; in total this single 70 year old prisoner has cost Washington citizens over $300,000 in medical bills. This is but one example out of thousands. View invoice. View Savings Spreadsheet.

News Articles

Doc Study of Recidivism

The Study by the Washington Department of Corrections provides the numbers to support the position that elderly inmates have the lowest risk to re-offend of all Prisoners released, no matter their crime. View the Study.

Federal Government Statistics

The United States Bureau of Statistics provides unbiased factual numbers to support legislation for the release of elderly inmates. View Statistics.

Earned Prison Release

Preview the “Earned Prison Release” document prepared by Washington State Department of Corrections.

What Can You Do?

Contact your state Senator and House Representative to add your support for the accelerated release of elderly inmates and to use the savings to further education.